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Mission Critical Infrastructure

Power quality and power reliability are becoming increasingly critical to our everyday life and is the key to how we do business in today's world. Without quality, reliable power we wouldn't have the internet, cell service or land-based phone service. In other words, we would be "out of business". Premium Power Corporation engineers have developed a better alternative than batteries and hydrogen fuel cells, The Zinc-Flow 45. The Zinc-Flow 45 regenerative fuel cell is a quiet, green, modular, redundant, scalable DC power solution for the back-up of;
  • Wireless cell towers without the need for hydrogen or lead-acid
  • Fiber and broadband communications networks
  • Electric Utility Substation Switching and SCADA Power

Premium Power's patented Zinc-Flow 45 regenerative fuel cell technology provides high density energy storage in a footprint roughly half the size of comparable solutions based on lead-acid batteries. Unlike PEM (Hydrogen) fuel cells, the Zinc-Flow 45 is simpler to install and operate, lower cost to maintain, and requires no fuel delivery. The Zinc-Flow 45 is designed to meet a full range of requirements, delivering high reliability and long runtime at a substantial cost savings.

Premium Power engineers have also developed the PowerBlock 150. A 100KW/150KWh energy storage and energy management system is possibly the most advanced and flexible UPS system in the world based on Zinc-Flow regenerative fuel cell technology. The Power Block 150 is capable of addressing the critical infrastructure UPS market, but it is also perfectly suited for;
  • Central Office Telecom Power
  • Datacenter Back-up Power
  • Fiber and Cable Head End Power
  • Area Control & Frequency Response Recovery
  • Commodity Storage or "Load Leveling"
  • Customer Energy Management or "Peak Shaving"
  • Distribution Facility Deferral
  • Rapid Reserve
  • Renewable Energy Management
  • Power Quality & Reliability
  • Transmission Facility Deferral
  • Transmission System Stability, and
  • Transmission Voltage Regulation

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