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About Us

Founded in 2002, Premium Power Corporation manufactures flow batteries based on the company’s proprietary Zinc-Flow® advanced energy storage technology. Our Company is headquartered in North Reading, Massachusetts, USA.

Commercial applications include:

  • Utility infrastructure. Reserve power for electric utility facilities that provide transmission and distribution of electricity, providing benefits associated with:
    • Asset deferral;
    • Peak demand management;
    • Voltage support of long radial circuits;
    • Energy arbitrage; and
    • Ancillary services.
  • Bulk energy storage for renewable energy generation assets including wind and solar, to provide:
    • Firming;
    • Smoothing;
    • Time shifting; and
    • A reduction in curtailment events.
  • Peak-shaving (load shifting) to reduce end-users’ electricity costs by lowering peak demand and time-of-use energy charges.
  • Electric power back-up of mission-critical equipment in locations such as wireless cell sites, POPs, central offices, cable communications head-ends, data centers, and utility substations.
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